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Ground Improvement for SH16 Causeway Upgrade

TTT MultiPole Uglie poles being installed by high frequency vibration for ground improvement of State Highway 16 Causeway Upgrade in Auckland.

The SH16 Causeway Upgrade was completed in 2017, widened 4.8 kilometres of motorway to increase capacity, and raised the causeway by 1.5 metres to reduce flooding.

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Project challenges

Piles had to be suitable for a marine environment, and provide resistance against marine insect attack.

Durability of 100 years was required.

Installation needed to be fast, and unloading and handling of products had to be easy.

Our solution

Ground Improvement, using MultiPole Uglie poles, was identified as being the best solution for the project. MultiPole Uglie poles of 4.8m–12m long were supplied. These had been treated to H6 hazard class, making them suitable for marine environments. The rough exterior of these poles allowed for greater skin friction against movement in the ground.

The MultiPole Uglie poles were installed in closely spaced rows. Ground conditions meant that installation depths varied, but this problem was easily surmounted by the ability to join MultiPoles using a MultiPole Connector, until the required depth was reached. The MultiPole Connector also enabled any off-cut lengths longer than 1m to be reused, enabling the best use of poles available on site.

Aerial view of TTT Ground Improvement for State Highway 16 Causeway Upgrade in Auckland.
TTT Ground Improvement for State Highway 16 Causeway Upgrade in Auckland.

The unique hollow core of the MultiPole allowed for fast installation using high frequency vibration, with approximately one hundred 18m deep installations occurring per day. Thousands of MultiPoles were easily manufactured, transported, and handled on site to meet project requirements and timeframes.

The subcontractor, Markovina Pile Driving Ltd, was asked to provide a way of preventing the newly constructed banks at the edge of the causeway from sliding into the estuary.

Piles had to be able to reach depths of up to 18m.

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