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Our MultiPoles

At the core of our foundation systems are unique, award-winning MultiPoles, invented and manufactured by TTT Products.

MultiPoles are made from SED, Uglie, and UniLog poles. These are high quality Radiata pine logs that have been sourced from sustainable forests using responsible logging contractors.

To make these logs into MultiPoles, most of the heartwood core is removed through a specialised process. This process is a first for New Zealand and possibly even for the world!

TTT MultiPoles in the yard at Tuakau.
Benefits of MultiPoles
Natural strength
Less checking and splitting
The MultiPole’s unique hollow core runs the full length of the pole. Removing only the heartwood does not reduce strength, which is retained in the outer sapwood layers.
Removing the heartwood ensures less checking and splitting as the pole dries out.
Ability to enhance strength
MultiPoles can easily be transported and handled on-site, allowing large numbers to be installed per day.
Non-damaging installation
Greater penetration of preservative
The MultiPole’s hollow core allows for preservative to be impregnated from both the internal and external faces. This results in a more durable, longer lasting product.
For added strength, the hollow core can be grouted with reinforcing bar. MultiPoles can also be drilled and concrete encased.
MultiPoles can be vibrated into the ground using high frequency vibration.

Our foundation systems use three types of MultiPole

Installing MultiPoles

Our installation partners prefer MultiPoles as the fast and economical piling option.

MultiPoles can be installed by pile driving, drilling and concreting, or vibrating (with or without hydro jetting). Because MultiPoles are lightweight, compared to steel or concrete products, they are easily transported and handled on site. An authorised installer may be recommended for particular sites.

CLL Service & Solutions – CFA (Continuous Flight Auger) piling system.

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