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Raft Foundation for an existing residential building

An existing dwelling in Christchurch, New Zealand required a new foundation to replace the existing, damaged one. The site was in a TC3 earthquake-affected area. The new foundation was installed in 2015.

TTT Raft Foundation for a new residential building
Project challenges

The new foundation needed to enable the building to withstand any possible future earthquakes. A foundation system was required that did not reply on end-bearing piles and that would be able to withstand major lateral movement of 300 to 500mm.

The new foundation needed the functionality to be re-levelled following any future earthquakes.

A more economical and lightweight option to a Type 2B surface structure was required.

The site could only be accessed from a narrow residential street, so unloading and handling of materials needed to be quick and easy.

The site was in close proximity to neighbouring properties, upon which installation was not allowed to have any negative impact.

Installation needed to be fast, and equipment needed to have a small footprint.

Our solution

Raft Foundations, consisting of a lattice of MultiPole UniLog beams, were identified as an economical solution that satisfied the project’s stringent design requirements. In preparation for the new foundations, the existing building was raised 2.4m and the site was excavated. Foundation components were then delivered to the site and installed using compact, purpose-built equipment.

The unique hollow core of the MultiPole UniLogs made them lighter and easier to handle than traditional solid roundwood and concrete products. This meant they could be unloaded quickly during delivery and installed easily in the restricted area under the house. As a result, the project was completed on time and neighbouring properties were not disturbed.

Installation of TTT Suspended Floor Foundations for a new residential building
TTT Suspended Floor foundations with a proprietary concrete floor.
TTT Suspended Floor foundations with a proprietary concrete floor.

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